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Lindsay Parker, Founder, Coach & Consultant

You can find out all you could possibly want to know about my experience and education by clicking the 'My Background' button below. The short story is that I spent years as a career counsellor before segueing into operations management, then pivoting to leadership and organizational development, only to shift again to entrepreneur and coach. Along the way, I have designed and facilitated leadership and learning programs, implemented large and small scale programs and practices, led teams, helped people find meaningful work, managed operating budgets, and even learned how to bake some pretty amazing cinnamon rolls from scratch. In other words, I've worn a lot of hats.  

There is a thread connecting all these hats: my purpose, which is to spark curiosity and change. I am fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind, its crafty ways of either propelling us forward or holding us back. This fascination has fuelled an intense and ongoing personal learning journey that weaves together a wide breadth of practices and approaches. My offerings are a culmination of this lifelong learning, and I'm excited to share them with you.

 Together, we'll bring to life some serious change. 

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