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White Plants

Our coaching partnership will give you space to explore personally meaningful goals in the area of career, leadership impact, spiritual growth or health and wellness. This might be a great option for you if you are feeling:

  • Stuck or rudderless in your career

  • Generally tired, disengaged or dissatisfied 

  • Curious about moving into a centered state of calm and peace

  • Excited to invest in your energy, spiritual practice or sense of purpose

  • Committed to having greater leadership impact


I will walk alongside you as you tap into your innate strengths, inner wisdom and the amazing power of your mind. This may look a little different from traditional coaching, which tends to focus on setting goals and taking action. Our partnership will focus on learning to differentiate between our thoughts and our Self; and identifying and unlearning conditioned programming that limits growth and progress.​ This is deep and important work, and I would be honoured to join you on your journey. 

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